Welcome to Half Our Deen’s first blog post


Half Our Deen is always a work in progress so we hope to use the blog to open the doors of communication with our members.   We will not be advertising on this blog nor will this blog be used to spam any of our members but rather we hope to use this blog as a way to hear the voices of our members so we can help to continuously improve our site InshAllah.

JazakAllahKhair for supporting Half Our Deen.


Ali Ardekani (Baba Ali)

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  1. claim insurance

    I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

  2. Asmaa

    As Salaam alaikom All brother’s and Sister’s

    Jazaka ALLAHOU Khaiyran Brother baba ali
    i have a question please
    Is’it a Halal methode to be using for sherch haf our deen ?
    On this day’s; we have a real Crise Mariage
    i’m from Belgium and i think than it’s a problem internationnal
    Khaiyr inshaa ALLAH
    ALLAHOU “alaa koulli chaiyin QADIIR

    Wa Salaam alaikom wa Rahmatoullahi wa Barakatouh

  3. Dally

    I am hoping you allow more questions for others to answer on the profile because I already chose 21 questions and have so many more I want to add to my profile.

    The other problem I have is in the email section. It keeps showing that I have 1 email left unread but I can’t tell where that email is because they don’t say if they have been read or unread on each message. I hope there can be something added to make it obvious what emails are new, and which ones have already been opened or responded to.

  4. rom


    Is that possible to have this blog private ? and is it possible to link it with the profiles? I mean linking the comments to profiles!

    Thank you!

  5. Muslimah24


    I am really thrilled that Baba Ali started this new website. Insha’allah I wish you guys all the best and may Allah SWT grant you success and reward you for your noble deeds. Ameen. Jazakallahu khari for your efforts

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