A test of patience: Trying to get married…

I used the same approach to find a wife as I did to find a job.

For my job, I posted resumes on every job website I could access, knowing quite well that I’d have to be persistent and patient as I waited for my future employer to find me and hire me.

For my wife, I created profiles on as many Muslim matchmaking websites as possible. I figured I’d cover as many bases to increase my chance of finding my future wife – but at unforgiving subscription prices per-site. When I was in the process of developing HalfOurDeen.com, maintaining a low, affordable price for subscribers was a key aspect I vowed to maintain … without compromising all of the cutting-edge features that make HalfOurDeen.com so unique.

But just like my job search, I did not take down my matchmaking profile after a month of unsuccessful leads. I was patient and persistent, knowing quite well I could luck out and find my match in a week or in a year (although I was hoping for the former!). Keep in mind success in your pursuit of a compatible partner to help complete Half your Deen, is in the Hands of Allah (SWT). A heavy dose of dua, patience and consistent effort are vital ingredients to lead you to the blissful wedding day … although when the search is in progress it might seem unattainable.  Having kept this knowledge in mind, I purposely made HalfOurDeen.com the most affordable Muslim matchmaking website around. An annual subscription costs a paltry .16 cents per day, a small fee to help keep you out there searching for the most compatible partner to call your own.

The reality is that most people will not find their perfect match within 30 days so a $5 per month subscription fee was key to making this site as popular as it has become the past 2 months since the initial launch. We are excited and eager to report that we have received notification from several members who are already reporting a successful match with a fellow HalfOurDeen.com member! Although we did not anticipate such speedy results, we are excited for the couples to-be and pray the ball keeps rolling for all you singles on the search for the One that will help you build a life of happiness and obedience to Allah (SWT).

Keep the search and the faith, and remember: good things come to those who persevere and patiently pursue … HalfOurDeen.com is at your service to help you do just that.


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  1. A girl

    I’ve been on this site for about 6 months now, I think i’ve been patient enough. Congrats to those who have found their match, but I don’t think its going to happen in my case. Most guys don’t seem very serious and those who I have shown interest in never had the decency to reply to say that they don’t have any interest. I know this sounds ridiculous but having a small chat window would probably work better as you can be very direct with the person. Reasing numerous profiles can get a little repetitive and may not truly reflect the person’s character.


  2. Searching soul mate

    Assalaam u alaikum

    How about here down under!! In Australia. Not many possible candidates. Maybe a little bit more publicity inshaallah otherwise I may become a grandmother waiting for ‘the right one’ to come along inshaallah. Lol

  3. Germanrose20

    @Fizerman, lol at my name, but anyways.
    I think that was the point I was trying to make, if it would actually work it would be great. But obviously it is not something that I have experienced, and therefor I am on this site. I am very thankful for Brother BabaAli, that he started this site and somit furthered the chances of meeting someone who is serious about getting (and staying) married.

  4. Fizerman

    @Germansomething – This mosque idea will never work out , because if it did , it would have already happened , and good ol Baba Bro , wouldnt have to go out of his way to make this site

  5. Germanrose20

    Asalaamu Aleikum to all,

    Just a response to the comment that was made about letting mosques coordinate everything. That would be a wonderful initiative. But sadly there are still pockets in this world where mosques and Islamic sommunities are few and far inbetween. (Like Deep East TX, lol) The nearest mosque to where I live is 2,5hours away. I do not mind making the drive, but it gets expensive to do it every week.
    So for me personally this is a great Idea and I am excited to be apart of it and Insha’Allah find a husband!

  6. Muslimbro

    Asallam o Alehkum ,
    I have a quick question ,
    How to pay for the member fee , if you really have no credit card ? I hope every one find what are they looking for jazakallah kher

  7. salam

    Salam to everyone…mashallah its a great site. Would love too more sisters from Canada too, eh?


    Lets get feedback from the members on how to improve promotion and advertising.

    The site is new, it will grow organically im sure as time passes on

    Jazakallah for your efforts.

    If it wasnt for the bad experience you had while trying to find a wife yourself, HOD would not be a reality. Even “bad” experiences have lessons and gifts in them..


  8. Muslimaniac

    There are hardly any sisters from California on here. Finding some good matches but they’re all far away like in Ohio or other random states that hardly anyone knows of. (jk, I’ve heard of Ohio, it’s somewhere near Florida, right?)

  9. me

    Do not put off a good that you intended to do as you never know how much reward you might receive from the hardships you encounter while trying to achieve that good…insha Allah.

  10. SeekingMercy

    this is so true!!
    I have been looking for past 2 years and no success yet. Sometimes I fear I will not get what I am looking for at the same time I am hopeful of Allah’s Mercy.

    May Allah swt make it easy for us..


  11. Baba Ali

    I’m going to UK for an entire week this month and hope to advetise it there. I will be traveling all over the UK InshAllah so that help increase the exposure of our UK audience InshAllah.

  12. Fisherman

    Guyz respect the 10% rule , that means only 10% of the number of women you contact will ever actually give you a reply , Just like in real life finding a wife is a numbers game.

    The more you get in touch with , the more you are likely to find your mate. Either way ALLAH only helps the one who makes a concerted effort towards his goal.


    PS:- Comment posters , We are talking about online fishing , hence the dynamics are a little different than regular fishing.

  13. Husna

    Finding your other half is def A test of patience…but yes, we have to have faith and trust in Allah.

    Any chance you can advertise this more globally? Hardly anyone on this site from the UK – at this rate I’ll be on this thing forever…(I know…Patience!)

  14. Muhammad

    Why not let mosques manage this process ? I mean the coordination between men who would like to get married and the potential pride’s family ?

    And the we will avoid making the process cost anything to anyone.

    I’m from Egypt. Right here people get married just because one of your friends\relatives knew your wife’s friends\relatives. That’s one way people get married here. Of course some follows another way which allows a guy to know and privately go out with his girl which is definitely haram and not acceptable as far as I know.

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