Half Our Deen OFFLINE! 03.26.11 OC, CA.

Have you ever been to a “Halal” speed dating event?  In the past, Mosques or Muslim organizations would hold “Single Muslim Events” where single Muslims would show up with the hopes of finding someone suitable to marry.  The event would be basically a game of musical chairs, where each man would speak to each woman for a few minutes.  They basically took the idea of “speed dating” and tried to apply the structure to Muslims, but there is a reason why it doesn’t work for Muslims.  Speed dating is made for dating, where people need just surface level information about each other since the relationship is temporary.  Muslims are here to get married, not date, and being that their looking for life-long partners, they need more than 3 minutes to figure out if this person is “the one”. Seriously!

The copy & pasting of the “dating” structure is nothing new.  Most Muslim Matrimonial sites online borrow the structure of dating sites..  They ask you very basic questions like “what’s your eye color?”, or “what’s your hair color?”.  If you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, you need to know more than just that.  You need to know about their values, morals, ethics, how they practice their Deen, how family oriented they are etc…That is why with HalfOurDeen.com, we started over and decided to develop our site completely different than the other sites.

Ever since the success of HalfOurDeen.com, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me to do an Offline event because they want to meet people in the local area.  I told myself that if I was going to hold a Half Our Deen Offline event, it would have to be COMPLETELY different than all the past Single Events done by other Muslim organizations.  Similar to Half Our Deen online, the Offline version would have to be unique and take a COMPLETELY unique and innovative approach to a single Muslims event.
I have since developed a new way to hold such events and I hope to raise the bar once again, InshAllah.  The first ever Half Our Deen Offline event will be on March 26th, 2011,  in Orange County, CA.   If you’re interested, please visit hodoffline.com for more information. Seating is limited and registrants are filtered for compatibility purposes. Find out more on hodoffline.com

JazakAllah Khair and hope to see at the event, InshAllah


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  1. Diana LaRussa/ F Karimah

    salaams to all.
    I write as an older muslimah who lives where there are no muslims.
    How can WE meet A) older men
    B)Muslims when they aren’t in our area and C) men who aren’t Wahabbi, ie: they have a life outside of enforcing THEIR idea of Islam on the women they want to be their wives??? If you knew that men really want women who are obedient and not forward thinkers, would you want to marry them or do older men conform to the idea that Islam is made for men and that women have not much voice?
    I’m being short and mywriting style is quick-I’m very open minded and want someone who has lived the Deen in USA and knows how life here is for a couple.

    If you think I’m ok-please consider having one of your contact pages for older men and women only-

    Shukran, K Karimah

  2. Baba Ali

    Assalammu’ Alaikum,

    Each person interested in the event would fill out a survey. We would then take the survey results and figure out who would fit best with who. There is a LOT of work going into the filtering process but inshAllah efforts will be worth it inshAllah.

    About 52 people have contacted us that they’re getting married after joining our online project (halfourdeen.com) so we hope to continue helping people meet their other half with HOD Offline inshAllah. I’m not sure if you familiar with how HOD Offline works, so I just wanted to give you a quick summary:

    1. No missed connections: Everyone on HOD Offline event can also be found on halfourdeen.com. With so many people and just a few hours, you may not always speak to everyone that you want to. Sometimes you may speak to someone but you may not be comfortable asking questions like “are you divorced?”, or “do you have a job?”…etc..etc…but you can easily look up that information in the person’s profile. I think these events help people see if there is chemistry between two people but I don’t spending a few minutes with each person allows you figure out who you want to marry. By having everyone online, you can find out much more about the person, find out what their looking for, and since Halfourdeen.com shows your compatibility %, you can see how you connect on a deeper level (not just face to face). Also, by some people feel more comfortable sending a message rather than asking for their contact info on the spot.

    2. Filtering Process: Anyone interested in attending the event will have to fill out a survey on HOD Offline which will tell us about them and what their looking for. If we feel that we have enough candidates for that specific person, then we would invite them to that event. If not, we will hold their information and invite them to a future event. Thus, HOD Offline is by invitation only because we don’t want to have them there if we don’t feel we have enough potential matches for them. The idea is to put people at the same table that will match with them (rather than have people spend time with people that have no match with them). Also, by the “by invitation only” process helps us balance the men/women ratio.

    3. Unique Activities: I have come up with a list of cool activities, which will hopefully make the event feel more natural InshAllah to make things more comfortable.

    4. Privacy: The city, date and time of the event is advertised but the exact location of the vent is only sent to those who are invited so the event is private. Many feel self-conscious going to a Single’s Event so by making it private, we can make them feel more comfortable and avoid any type of walk-in registrations.

    5. Baba Ali Hosting: I’ll be holding the event myself InshAllah so I can keep things light. I hope by having a younger person that many people are familiar with will ease the tension in the room. Plus having a little humor here and there won’t hurt 🙂

    I made a video explaining it on http://www.hodoffline.com

  3. sumiah

    mashallah! What a great idea.. I think this will be very effective to take it online after the event. I wish I could attend this event. How are you going to filter it out? well Inshaallah it will be successful..

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