The New Messaging Module (BETA)

The success of Half Our Deen as a site for single Muslims is apparent in the flow of emails we get from members who have found their other half. This motivates us to work harder on constantly improving the site.  HOD does not run on a volunteer staff like many organizations, but rather pays its entire staff.  Although new features and modules are continuously being added to HOD, it has not been done so at the expense of the members.  No matter how many features we implement, the cost of HOD will always remain the same. InshAllah.

A little while ago, we sent out a survey asking our members which features you would like to see improve on HOD first.  After reading your feedback, we assigned two of our top software engineers to re-develop the Messaging Module and program the Matching Preferences Module.  After nearly 80 hrs of development, we are happy to announce that our New Messaging System (Beta) is here.  It is a great improvement from our initial messaging system Alhamdulillah. We have added timestamps and reply correspondence to each message. The ability to view your messages in a conversation format, much like Gmail and Facebook, has made it very functional and easy to use.

Our “Matching Preferences” module is almost complete and is currently being tested. We hope to announce the completion of that project very shortly InshAllah.  We will continue working on adding new features and developing new modules so we can raise the bar of what a Muslim Matrimonial site should offer. InshAllah.


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  1. sister

    in addition to the messaging system, PLEASE improve the search capabilities. the current way isn’t really worth much to me. it’s sad because I had such high hopes for this site. inshAllah it improves.

  2. Ahmad

    I had similar problems early when you guys put it up, but 2 days later it was good. You said it was beta so i know you are still fixing it. I can delete and send email fine now and all my old emails are there. In the start i could not go to page 2 only page 1 come up, but now its good. I reply back faster to sisters who msg me and its almost like chat.. 😛 Perfecto! Salemalekum.

  3. Asgar

    WS. Thanks for offering to help Zubair. I’ve written to you on that email address.

    I tested this out further because of Mahmud’s comment and realized he is right! If you only type a few characters (i.e. a very short reply, rather than a normal-sized one) it does go out successfully.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Zubair Khan

    AS Asgar –

    Please email me at zukhan0[at]gmail[dot]com and please include what your HOD username is, and what happens when you try to send the message and we can try to get this resolved for you.


  5. Mahmud

    I am having same problems with messages. Yesterday, I barely able to send very short messages and failed to send others. After pressing the “send” button, there is no confirmation indicating “success” or “failure”. Please resolve the issues.

  6. Asgar

    It’s not the browser Zubair 🙁

    I’ve cleared cache, cookies, used all browsers I had, to no avail. I’m not able to send replies at all.

    Could you please take another look at this issue? Thanks for your time.

  7. Zubair Khan

    Asgar & Mushtaq –

    What is most likely happening is that the messages are definitely being sent, but depending on the way your browser is handling javascript, your browser might not be showing them after the page refreshes. That should be a very rare case and if it does happen, I’d clear your cache and try again, you should be able to see it.

    We’re constantly looking to improve so please keep the suggestions/feedback coming.

  8. Baba Ali


    The New Messaging system has timestamps for all messages sent and received. However since the old system didn’t have time stamps, we weren’t able to identify when those messages were sent. But Alhamdulillah all the new messages sent and received will have timestamps on it InshAllah.

    When composing emails you can specify what your subject is going to be and once the message is replied to, just like any other email, the subject will remain the same. The messaging module is working, but is in Beta. We are fixing a minor bug that isn’t allowing people to delete messages but that should be up soon as well, InshAllah.

    The paging features was an initial issue we had but that was resolved that night and now it should be working fine. You should have access to all your old messages as well, just not with a time stamp.

    InshAllah we are doing our best to fix any and all issues with the site and always looking to improve even the smallest thing. JazakAllahKhair for your patience in this.


  9. T. C.

    I like this new format too. However, for some reason it doens’t display the date the msg was sent. It would be nice if the date was also visible on the msges. cause the other day< i wanted to check when the first time this particular prsn msged me by opening the vry 1st msg but the date wasn't there. =(

  10. Asgar

    Thanks for building this feature, it has immense potential and really good UI-wise.

    I’m facing the same problem as Mushtaq though, I’m not able to reply to any messages in this new system. I’ve been broken from conversation as a result.

    When you hit submit it looks as though the reply is sent, but when the page refreshes your reply isn’t seen anywhere.

    Thanks for your hard work, I hope you’ll fix this soon as well.

  11. Mushtaq Ahmed Jan

    Assallam U Allikum,

    Its not working properly, there seems some problem with messaging system especially while replying.
    and even when you compose new msg you need to keep the subject line same otherwise msgs don’t go even though it say message send.
    Hopefully you’ll fix it soon, inshallah.



  12. Sharif


    First of all Jazak Allah Khair for putting this site up where real people who are into the deen can come
    together and find one another.
    And mashaAllah the interface is pretty and pleasing to eyes as well.

    But however as a software developer I am not very impressed with the development work done on this site.
    Its even more amazing to me that the work, as you stated in this post, is not done on a volunteer basis.
    Its good to see that you have good intentions and are making an effort in improving the site but its very
    frustrating for me as a user of the site to see that with the addition of new features, existing features are being taken away. And its even more frustrating for me to see that features which are standard in other similar sites are things that are being added slowly into the system as new features.

    Like for example the advanced search, which used to be there, is no longer there. And so now if I have to look up a sister who is from zimbabwe, I have to spend hours going through all the profiles to see her profile again.
    The messaging system used to give me access to my previous message and now the new paging feature doesnt let me view my old messages. So now I cant go and see what a sister mentioned about her family in one of the messages anymore and its awkward to go back and ask.

    I have contacted support several times regarding these issues but have not seen improvements.
    A lot of these bugs are really very simple to fix and shouldnt take 80 hours of development time and still remain unresolved.

    I apologize for being blunt but the only reason I am saying all this is because I want this site to be a succesful site as there is tremendous potential in what you are doing.

    I hope I didnt offend anybody or hurt anyone’s feelings but as Muslims I believe that we need to be honest when giving feedback as Rasool SalAllahu alayhi wa sallam refered to the believers as being mirrors on to each other by letting each other know of their short comings in order to improve.

    Jazak Allah Khair


  13. LovesIslam

    Alhamdulillah it’s fantastic! 😀

    I’ve just checked it out and alhamdulillah its just like how HOD says ‘The ability to view your messages in a conversation format, much like Gmail and Facebook,’.

    Saves me from having to waste time refering back and forth to and from previous messages in order to reply accordingly.

    Jazakallah for your effort!

  14. A (Sister on HOD)

    Salams – It is absolutely awesome now. I was hesitant to reply to messages for a while but now I can finally message and not click back and forward to see the persons initial message so I reply accordingly.

    Great Mashallah, May Allah bless you for all your efforts 🙂


  15. Baba Ali

    Assalammu’ Alaikum,

    Our goal is to keep coming out we features and upgrading things throughout the site to improve the member experience. Many sites use their revenue to just advertise and you rarely see any changes on the site itself. I want Half Our Deen to different InshAllah.

    Even though, we charge only a fraction of the sites, we will continue making the site better inshAllah.

    JazakAllah Khair for your kind words and support

    Baba Ali

  16. Ahmad

    Very nice! I like it. It is a lot easier to read the past sent messages so you can reply easier instead of going back and forth. Simple and easy to use. I know your still in Beta, so hope you keep this =) Thanks Baba Ali

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