New Video: What will the people say?


It’s amazing how we focus more on pleasing the people rather than pleasing our Creator so I decided to make a video about this very subject. If my idea works, the the phase of “what will the people say?” will become so ANNOYING that it will be stuck in our heads, so the next time we hear it, we will remember the message behind this video, InshAllah. The reality is that I can’t change the world overnight but my hope it to make a positive difference within the Muslim Ummah….one video at a time – Baba Ali

What will the people say? – Baba Ali from Baba Ali on Vimeo.

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  1. SayedHasan

    Assalamu alaikum, Baba Ali
    Can you please make a new item(video/ blog post) about the cultural issues while choosing spouse from different culture/ background and after marriage. How it affects the marriage life ?

  2. AZ

    Baba Ali, jazakAllah for uploading this video and I hope that your message influences many to change this extra anxiety they choose to burden themselves with.
    The first time I spoke about the possibility of marriage to a person out of my culture, I was very direct with the question: “Does it matter if I get married to a person with darker skin?” 1 minute of silence followed by: “Not really but…there will be obstacles for the children, problems in understanding each other’s cultural backgrounds…” (I didn’t ask about fair skin because let’s face it, more thought goes into dark than light -_-‘)
    It was alhamdulilah never about what other’s would say (that was reserved for education and career paths). This shows that acceptance is there but a full trust in Allah isn’t. I always believed that when choosing a spouse, religiosity and character were the determining factors. Money and material wealth will be provided by Allah.

    Nevertheless, I thank Allah for providing me with parents who are open to discuss these details whenever presented, rather than avoiding it to maintain the cultural “values” and other people’s views. I also thank Allah for keeping me away from ignorance.

  3. Aquel

    OMG! yes annoying… That personality site looks really cool. I have not taken the test yet? So its free huhn? This should be fun. But soo true about video. my Paki family is alwayzzz like that. Culture culture culture.. 🙁 as you say, jokeeeee! Thank you always Baba Ali

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