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Have you ever felt like Muslim matchmaking sites not only charge too much for membership, but are also trying to sell you things while you search? “Cheap international calls!” “Social Muslim networking!” You’ll notice these banner ads, text ads, and if they hold your email address, you may be on a spam emailing list so even more ads are delivered to you personally. Isn’t it all a bit too much when you are trying to focus on finding a spouse?

In 2011, Half Our Deen had over 7 million page views, but yet, there was not one ad. That’s right, absolutely no banner ads, text ads, or any sort of ad whatsoever. Our monthly members paid only $9 a month and our annual members paid the lowest price for any Muslim Marriage site on the internet, at just $5 a month.

Even by charging a fraction of the competition, Half Our Deen pays monthly for four fast servers, so the site runs fast and smoothly, and even pays its entire staff because their effort is valued. So if you’re paying more than $9/month for Muslim Matchmaking, then you are most likely being overcharged.

Some companies have a goal of profit. Our goal at Half Our Deen is to bring single Muslim brothers and sisters together for the sole purpose of marriage. Alhamdulillah, 243 people from across the world have found their spouse through Come and join us, and inshaAllah you too will find the one.

You won’t see an ad. We promise.


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  1. R. O.

    Assalamu alaykum Myz Yasmine…Very refreshing to hear such a positive outlook. It is a bit difficult to find a match online (the fact of being divorced might have something to do with it–or it might just be the case in general). But yeah, can’t compete with the single young sisters! lol

    But the bright side of all of this is: if a man is not open enough to be willing to consider a divorced sister, then he is (overall) not for me.

    P.S. nice analogy

    Jazaki Allah khayr and Ameen to your duaa

  2. Myz Yasmine

    But I would still like to re-iterate, I enjoy the HOD page on facebook. Very interesting comments, statuses and posts. And then you have the few that always add their little $0.02 cents into it….

    Anywho, I pray Allah swt makes it easy on us all in finding our other halves. AMeen ya rabana

  3. Myz Yasmine

    @ Kawther~ Yes, I’ve been divorced….As R.O. mentioned, there are many of us out there. Somewhat of a “disturbing” sign of the times.

    And R.O. thanks ukti. Yeah, I prefer not to go that route. Maybe there is something in the fact that since we are divorced and we’ve supposedly “been there, done that,” that we find the matching websites not as useful as the average 20’something year old would. I just find it hard being a woman and trying to find love in all the wrong places….and of course you got the ones who lie about themselves. All they want to do is “sell you a car,” then when you actually purchase or go for a test run, you realize just how damaged it is based on the mileage (which seems to be the case where they give you another number for mileage), and there are a few dents here and there. But depending on the type of person you are, are you willing to just buy it, telling yourself “well, it’s better than nothing,” or are you trying to still save up enough money…working, making an honest living, in order to afford the “real deal” someday? Yeah, I use a lot of analogies. I’m also really wordy…I annoy myself all the time.

    Anywho, back to the point…..habibty, don’t worry, there is a network of us women. As I said, “disturbing” sign of the times. We should make our own group/page. Divorced and looking Muslim Women…LOL. Just a thought. If anyone takes any of these ideas I just had here, please inform me. I would be more than interested to join, or see how you place your expertise on the same idea… insights are always welcome 🙂

  4. R. O.

    Assalamu alaykum

    @Kawther: Yes sis, I joined the website and I am divorced (I am a sister too). Don’t worry about that, inshaAllah. Having said that, I am not ‘yet’ able to find any potential match, but finding a match takes time (it has nothing to do with divorce).

    @Yasmine: I agree. Online matching seems to initially depend on looks! I personally do not accept communicating with a brother prior to seeing his picture. It is quite important, but at the same time it’s important not to get so caught up with looks (i.e. try to find someone that you think is attractive but don’t just keep looking for the looks that will blow your mind away!)

    One thing I believe in and would like to advise people on this website to do is to give someone you are ‘slightly’ interested in a chance! SubhanAllah you never know who will end up being everything you’ve asked for. I started this experience looking for that profile that will just blow my mind away, but looking for a spouse does not work that way (maybe only in movies). You will eventually (inshaAllah) have a wonderful love story but it starts slowly.

    May Allah swt bless you all and make it easy for you to find a good match, inshaAllah.

  5. Kawther

    Aslaamulikum hope you are well and in the highest of Imaan insh’Allah
    I will joining
    Just wanted to know are their people on that site who have been divorced? Because i am and was wondering if there are other also?

    Ma salaams

  6. Myz Yasmine

    Honestly, I’ve never really been for the whole marriage/love match websites. Although, I LOVE the facebook site since we as followers are able to voice our opinions and experiences. Although I have tried the whole finding my love online deal, I’ve realized all people want to do before they have anything to do with you is to see if you look good enough. It’s always according to “if you’re pretty enough, skinny enough, fair skinned enough….” at least that has been my experience. When I first joined another muslim marriage sight, all I kept getting is messages from guys asking to see my picture before wanting to know anything about me. That was a huge turn off. I haven’t been back since. But I really love the page on facebook.

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