Putting the Privacy in Muslim Matchmaking


While the other matchmaking sites charge anywhere from $29 to $44 a month, one might think that a Muslim marriage site charging a fraction of the competition would have price as the primary reason that people are drawn to it.

That is exactly what we thought, but we were pleasantly surprised that most of our members have chosen to be on Half Our Deen exclusively over other Muslim matchmaking sites because Half Our Deen is number 1 when it comes to privacy. We take privacy seriously. Unlike most matchmaking sites where anyone with a curious mind can browse through your pictures, Half Our Deen is setup uniquely so that only paid members can view profiles.

Because if there is one thing we have learned in the pursuit of helping people get married, it’s that not everyone wants their picture and profile to come up when the words “single Muslim” are typed in Google.

Our site is so private that you can’t search for anyone of the same gender. Why does this matter? Sometimes a sister or brother is on the site looking for marriage, but does not want to tell their friends. We at Half Our Deen understand this. Sisters can’t view sisters, and brothers can’t view brothers. So, unlike other Muslim matchmaking sites, there would never be a chance of one of your friends saying “Oh, I saw your profile on Half Our Deen, how’s the search going?”

Not only is the level of privacy of utmost importance to us, but we also want the focus to be on marriage and not which of your friends is on the site, what their profile is like and what photos they’ve uploaded.

So join www.halfourdeen.com today, where the word “privacy” actually means something.


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  1. Abu Abdullah

    >Unlike most matchmaking sites where anyone with a
    >curious mind can browse through your pictures, Half
    >Our Deen is setup uniquely so that only paid members
    >can view profiles.

    Anyone with a curious enough mind can get become a paid member and browse away.

    A suggestion: Please allow people to register freely and allow only to see profiles that are matched by the system. When a match is found, they have to become a paid member to communicate. With your rates, when a match is found, most members will find it easy to pay. Having to pay just to register is a bit difficult as you do not know if you will find anything.

  2. R. O.

    Assalamu alaykum

    When I first joined HOD I was VERY impressed to see that other sisters could not see my profile! It really makes it so that you are here for one and only one purpose: marriage!

    And the fact that I can’t see other sisters profiles makes me able to just focus on showing who I am in my profile and not try to compete with other sisters profiles! 😀

    Jazakum Allah khayr HOD 🙂

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