Next HOD Offline Event in San Diego, 14th July 2012

It’s that time again. We are running our first HOD Offline Singles Event of 2012 in San Diego on 14th July Inshallah.  In our first event, 48 people got a seat and we had 10 people matching up! At our next event, 70+ people got a seat and 18 people matched up and 1 couple got married. At our third event 42 people got a seat and we had 17 people matching up.

Half Our Deen Offline is different than your typical Muslim Matchmaking events, and the results speak for themselves. Of course, we cannot guarantee success, but we are waorking hard to make the event different and fun with the hope that there will be success in it InshAllah. 

The typical matchmaking event held by other organizations is limited to the “halal speed dating” method. Where you speak to one person for a few minutes, and speak to many throughout the evening. Then, you have to decide which one you want to speak to at greater length for the potential of marriage down the road. It is understood that you need to spend more than three minutes with someone to find your other half. A typical HOD Offline event allows more than a few minutes interaction through several activities. We spend alot of time in planning our events to ensure the best possible success. 

Below is some of the positive feedback we received from our previous attendees to show this: 

• “The chance to interact with potential candidates on a HUMAN level”

• “It was very well organized. I liked the table groupings. The people at my table were very easy to get along with. The activities were well thought out, and executed very well”

• “Interactive and comfortable. Right amount of times for each activity.”

• “I really appreciated how much work you all put into keeping everything so organized and sorting everyone out according to preferences and religious compatibility. That kind of extra care really made me feel like you guys truly care about all of us finding our partners.”‘

Spots are already being filled so don’t procrastinate. If you know you can’t make it, please tell the single brothers & sisters you know InshaAllah. 

We hope to see you soon filling out your survey and registering for HOD Offline by clicking

We look forward to helping you find your other half! 🙂

Jazakhallah Khair,

HOD Offline Team

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