Behind the Scenes at Half Our Deen

Here at Half Our Deen it is our goal to help the greatest number of couples find their other half. In order to do that we have a dedicated team who is constantly working to make Half Our Deen more efficient. One of the projects they we have been working on is a totally revamped and upgraded site! We are super excited about this development and hope it makes your experience on Half Our Deen even more pleasing.

The new Half Our Deen will be, not only, more appealing to look at but also includes new features and is easier to navigate. One of the upgrades that we take great pride in is added security features. Knowing that their data is private and secure is one of the biggest draws for our users. Keeping that in mind not only do we aim to maintain that security level but to increase it when possible.

As you know making money is not the main goal of Half Our Deen. Instead, the funds we have are invested back into the website to enrich your experience. While other websites might use the same template for years we believe in constantly changing for the better. Knowing that, by the grace of Allah, more than 315 couples have found their other halves on our site in just 23 months not only motivates us but also challenges us to raise the bar.

The current average time to find a match on Half Our Deen is five to eleven months. With some of our users finding there matches in as little as three! InshaAllah, we hope that by continuing to upgrade and evolve the popularity of Half Our Deen will increase and we can help even more of the Ummah find their match.


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    Only a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw outstanding layout. “The price one pays for pursuing a profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.” by James Arthur Baldwin.

  2. Anonomous muslimah

    Salaam i just wanted to thank HOD for the opportunity of me meeting my husband .. We have been married now for a year going on strong alhumdulillah!

  3. hawa


    Wanna ask you how many of your succesful members (ikhwan/brothers) who willing to married overseas and take his wife with him?

    Before i considered to join HOD, i wanna know how active the members (brothers) with this site. I was joined other muslim matrimonial online site, and disappointed that the brothers were so passive and the list was limited.

    Do HOD have discussion board for members?

    Please kindly reply.


  4. Rafa7

    MSA great job Guys, May allah grant you with tons of good deeds.

    I am wondering, how many Egyptian Muslims in your database?

  5. umer khan

    Salaam, love you brother for the sake of Allah & my daughter [nearly 3 years old] knows you from Haraam Police comic video thus she calls for “put me the haraam video” or “I want Haraam!!” and goes on by “Haraam, Haraam , I said Haraam!!”

    Mashallah, you’re doing great job so due to the fact i do dawah & give away free dawah materials paid by me or by colloected donations, can i give away your videos after making copies???

    jazakallah khair

  6. Azeem

    ..ya tamaam, ya salaam!!!….mA baba boy ali!! and HOD. What i would also suggest, humbly that is…to make this site MORE stricter requirements for having a real and HALAL photo and honest personal information…

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