Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Ask any parent what the most frustrating part of going on a road trip with kids is and they’ll probably say it’s the none stop questions of “Baba! Are we there yet?!” and “ Mama! How much longer till we get there??” These are questions that we’ll hear from our kids countless of times and ones we probably asked our parents more times than they’d like to remember. Children are so focused on their destination and the fun they’ll have there that they miss out on the adventure leading up to it. We attribute this to the fact that children lack patience but in reality it’s just human nature. When we are focused on something we want we often ignore the other good things in our life.

The journey to get married is not always an easy one. Some people face great hardships not only in finding a spouse but maybe even financially or family wise. And while these hardships might make you feel like it isn’t meant for you or it will never happen they are, inshaAllah, there to lead you to the right spouse, in the right time, who will be your other half in this life and your partner in Jannah (inshaAllah).

One mistake that a lot of us do when we are looking to get married is live, breath, eat, and sleep marriage. It is the main topic when we are with our friends. It’s what our google searches revolve around. And it’s what our dreams are made of. Alhamdulilah, on Half Our Deen, many have gotten married within weeks of joining. Others take months. When this happens is not in our hands, but the effort we put in is. However, most people who join have already been searching for a while so the time can feel like it is dragging on and on and no progress is being made. So instead of being fully focused on this one goal we should try to spend this transitional time to better ourselves and work on being the best person we can be. Enjoy our time with family and friends. And focus our energy in ways that will enrich our life with our spouse (For example: memorize Quran, work on your career, take some extra classes, travel).

When things in life don’t play out exactly how we pictured them to it is easy to get discouraged and give up. Instead, let’s enjoy the journey so we can have exciting experiences to share with our spouse when that day comes. And let us always remember to seek help in our journey with lots of prayer, duaa, and patience for “Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient and persevere” [2:153]


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  1. Ali

    Assalamu alaikum
    To the poster above, I just want to point out to you that you said you make dua to Allah to give you sabr. You know, that dua is being accepted because they only WAY to obtain SABR is if you go through TESTS that INCREASE your sabr — hence you are waiting for your naseeb.

    Khayr, inshAllah it’s done, you made the dua. Now you can make a better dua that is more direct ….

    Allahu musta’aan

  2. sabaa

    salam !
    Firstly I just want to say how much I love this website and your videos ! I only wish I had come across this sooner .

    I know what you have written makes complete sence ,but trust me easier said then done, being patient about the matter of marriage is difficult. I have been constantly praying to Allah to give me sabr , but I just cant help it feel so hopeless at times . to the point that maybe marriage is just not in my naseeb right now. I know good things come to those who wait , but yaar aur kitna sabar karna hoga !

    Keep me in your prayers ,
    salam ,

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