Using Half Our Deen Efficiently

One of the questions we get asked a lot is: “how can I increase my chances of finding a spouse through Half Our Deen?’ In a previous post we mentioned how creating a stellar profile will increase traffic to your profile however here are a few more tips:

1) Don’t rely only on the suggested matches and the matches emailed to you. Although these profiles are a high percentage match to yours it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones on Half Our Deen that could be compatible for you. So take the time to browse through profiles and judge for yourself who you might be interested in and who you are not.

2) Use the “I’d rather fast” button. When you come across a profile you are sure you are not interested in click the “I’d rather fast” button and it won’t be shown to you again. This way the next time you are browsing profiles you won’t waste time looking at ones you have already decided are not for you.

3) If you come across a profile that you believe you could be interested in but it does not include enough information for you to make a full decision take the time to send them a quick message and ask for more details.

4) Take the time to answer the questions that are posted on others profiles. Not only does this tell them more about you but by going through their questions and thinking about them you can learn more about the person.

5) Be patient! Although our members generally find their matches within 3-10 months for some it might take longer. Just because your perfect match isn’t on Half Our Deen today it doesn’t mean they won’t sign up tomorrow!


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  1. guest

    For number 3, would it be possible for HOD to send an email reminder every couple of weeks or so to people who specifically have not filled in all aspects of their profile, like the compatibility tests? That would be helpful as some people don’t seem to know that they are supposed to fill in multiple tests.

  2. Guest

    I appreciate these types of posts.

    I just have a comment regarding #3 to users of the site. Many times, one of the most critical pieces of information that’s missing from a person’s profile is their photo. I’d recommend including 3.

    I know some people say they’re not posting their photos out of “modesty” but this is a private site, and you have to pay to get access, so obviously, most people here are going to have serious intentions.

    Others who don’t have a photo up sometimes say that all someone has to do is ask and they’ll then send their photo. This puts people, myself included, off — why go thru the trouble of requesting a photo with the chance that there may be no attraction… what happens next? How do you response? Sorry, I’m just not attracted to you (?).

    It would just be easier if people were more forthcoming from the start. We all have serious intentions here.. why make things even harder?

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