Moving Forward :)

Alhamdulillah Half Our Deen is reaching our 3 year anniversary on July 10th InshAllah.  Although we have over 500+ success stories and 2500+ Active Members, we are constantly working on making the site better.   One of those improvements is making the overall member experience better by providing more content within member profiles. In our last update we focused more on profiles and have set a minimum profile limit so members can have more complete profiles. As you can imagine, it is very hard to learn about someone when the only content on their profile is “will tell you later” or “message me”.  Sometimes you need to read about the person and the more descriptive the profile, the more a person can learn about you. Research has shown that full and comprehensive profiles have a higher chance of being messaged and/or liked. Since we are all here for the same intention, marriage, we encourage our members to post real photos of themselves. While mosques, flowers and sunsets are something to marvel at, nothing can set the tone better than a presentable photo of yourself. We assure you that your privacy is extremely important to us and we take the right precautions to make sure it stays that way, InshAllah.
We appreciate your patience and support
Baba Ali

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