HOD Offline Singles Events 2016!

HOD Offline Singles Events 2016!

Half Our Deen Offline 2016 is here. New events, new cities, plenty of matches

Visit www.halfourdeen.com/offline. If you would like an event run in your state please do email us on offline@halfourdeen.com.

HalfOurDeen events are different. They aren’t like the typical Muslim-speed-dating events that herd all of the attendees into a room and force them to fend for themselves. You know there is supposed to be some type of structure and that your chance of finding an agreeable potential spouse is higher. You have heard the statistics and seen how many matches were made at every event and on our website. But knowing all of this doesn’t help to settle your stomach, as your sweaty palm turns the knob leading to what could be the best marriage event you ever attend or just another bust.

So you bite the bullet and open the door half expecting to see a room full of other singles with a deer in headlights look in their eyes as they walk around aimlessly trying to strike up a conversation. Instead what you see surprises you; the room is actually set up well and organized. Each table has a manageable amount of chairs surrounding it. The attendees who are already seated seem at ease and are actually smiling!

As you make it to your table, you realize that there is an equal number of brothers and sisters at each table. You can’t help but remember how the last event you went to had the handful of attendees who actually showed up feeling so nervous, they were like hunted prey. All the attendees you are seated with are in the age range you would like. Prior to the event and on a screen you see a program describing the evening’s events and a questionnaire to help the other attendees learn more about you. Pretty soon you’re engaged in a non-awkward conversation with those at your table and you know that this night will be a lot different than the other events you have been to or heard of.

Here at HalfOurDeen we take great pride in providing a unique matchmaking service. We care about what we’re doing and the effort that goes into it. Our events are private, well organized, and fun. The only people that know you are attending are other attendees. The location of the event is only given out to those who register and are invited to the event, so you can rest easy knowing there will be no unexpected guests stopping by.

All attendees are asked to tell us their preferences in a potential match as well as background information on themselves. We go through every single application for the event ourselves making sure to create the best seating chart possible. Each table includes an equal number of brothers and sisters who are all a great match on paper. As they socialize and get to know each other throughout the evening they can see if they connect with anyone. At the end of the night attendees can write down their top three potential matches; all mutual matches are contacted and informed.

How can you help you ask? By stepping out from behind the screen and actually coming to meet potential spouses. If you are unable to attend but would like to take part in making the event happen, we have Sales Associate positions open for all the above states. All you would need to do is fill out this survey and someone will get back to you shortly.

Join us in revolutionizing the Muslim Matrimonial Events.

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