9 Signs they’re Compatible

So, there’s this person you’ve been talking to, who seems perfect on paper. The chemistry is off the charts, you get along like a house on fire, they check all your boxes, and you get butterflies every time you talk. But, how can you tell if there’s something more here? According to relationship experts, compatibility is the key to a successful life-long partnership and it’s not the same as chemistry. So, how do you know if the two of you are compatible? Check out these telling signs:

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  1. You have common interests
    Opposites may attract but it’s also important to have common interests with your potential partner. It brings you closer together, helps you connect, reduces conflict, and makes for some interesting conversations. Besides, Game of Thrones marathons are certainly more fun with a partner. Having said that, it’s equally important to have your own likes, hobbies, and friends. Being codependent can be devastating to say the least. If you are a member on Half Our Deen, you can add interest tags and can use them to filter your searches. For example, if you want to find someone who leads an active lifestyle, works out, goes to conferences and loves sushi, you can filter by that.
  2. C is for Communication
    Is he/she the first person you want to talk to when something significant happens? Do you end up telling each other almost everything that happened during the day even the mundane stuff? Is the conversation effortless? Are you happy to listen to them? If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, congratulations, you guys are definitely compatible! Besides, if the other person always has time for you, it simply means they consider you a priority in their lives and they’re no longer “playing the field”.
  3. You have the same values and goals
    Identical core values are the foundation of a strong relationship. When it comes to matters like family, parenting, children, socializing, religion, and finances, do the two of you share the same views? Of course, it’s impossible to predict life but do you have similar plans for the future? While it’s natural to not always be on the same page, it definitely helps to have similar beliefs and values especially when you’re trying to make difficult decisions. As a HOD member, you can ask deal breaker questions that actually matter to you, before you ever engage in a conversation. Ask your own or pick from the 100s of questions we have online. 
  4. You’re not afraid to show each other your true selves
    Everyone presents their “perfect” selves to the other person when getting to know each other. But, if you’ve been talking for a while and you feel comfortable enough to show them your real self, it means there is a deeper connection. Having them appreciate who you truly are is the best way to know someone.
  5. You accept each other
    Talking about being yourself, true compatibility is when you accept each other for who you are, quirks, flaws and everything. It’s unfair to expect someone to change in the future simply because that’s not the person you fell in love with in the first place. Hint, people never change after marriage, no matter how hard you try.
  6. You bring out the best in each other
    Does he/she make you want to be the best version of yourself? Are they the yin to your yang? Maybe you’ve always been a nervous person but you seem to be getting more confident because of them. Maybe you’ve helped them forget a difficult past and move on. Or maybe you just make each other laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Remember, compatible people complement each other beautifully. Does this sound like the two of you? HOD’s compatibility test, uses a scientific approach to help determine how compatible you will be with someone. Use the Chemistry Prediction button to find out where you click and where you may differ.
  7. You can imagine a future together
    When it comes to relationships, sometimes your gut feeling is the best judge of whether or not you’re compatible. When you close your eyes and think about this person, do you actually see a future together? More importantly, are you happy in this future? If you can genuinely see this person being a part of your life, it’s because there’s more than just chemistry and friendship.
  8. You resolve disagreements respectfully
    Everyone disagrees and argues, but the difference between a healthy and unhealthy argument is how you resolve it. If you are respectful even when you’re arguing and try to understand their point of view and vice versa, it’s a healthy conversation. At the end of the day, do you resolve it and come out stronger than ever or do you just sweep it under the rug hoping it will just go away? In these early stages, a disagreement is healthy. But what’s even better, is how both of you handle this. It gives you a peek into married life, when more serious issues come up.
  9. You forget that you met online
    It’s often hard to feel close to someone you’ve met online as opposed to someone from “real” life. However, if it feels effortless, like you’ve known him/her for ages and they fit perfectly into your real life, it means that you have truly bonded with each other.


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