How long till I find the ONE?

We all want to find our other half, don’t we?

That one person to share our life with.

That one person to grow old with.

That one person who’s by our side, no matter what.

But, exactly how long does it take to find our One?

I wish there was a calculated time frame I could give you…some kind of algorithm I could tell you to follow….but there isn’t. It can strike at any time, and the timing is different for each and every one of us.

We have to remember that we all have our own path. And to have faith that we are exactly where we need to be at this moment. And to trust that we will meet our One when we’re supposed to.

When we’re supposed to. What does that mean anyway?

Life has an interesting way of preparing us for our One. It brings us different people and different experiences, each designed to teach us something important about ourselves. These lessons come into our lives to help us grow. And we all have a little bit of growing to do before we are ready to receive our One. And it’s a beautiful process to embrace.

I know it can be a painful at times, but trust in this process of evolution because it’s bringing us closer to finding our One. We learn to grow within ourselves before we can learn to grow with someone else.

And love is patience. We don’t want to rush one of the most important processes of our lives, do we?

Statistics show that it can take up to 8 months on average to find an online match. And with so many new members pouring in daily, your chances of finding love online increase the longer you stay. Too many people give up and lose hope within a month.

If you were looking for a job online and posted your resume on a job site, how long would you wait to remove your resume? A week, a month, maybe 2 months? If you are smart you will leave your resume up until you find a job. Finding someone online is similar.

It will come.

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In the meantime, try not to compare yourself to others. Please don’t should yourself: I should have met my One by now, I should be married by now, all my friends are already married etc…

If we should the process, we take the risk of not choosing the right person. Be patient.

And feel it. How will you feel when you finally have your One by your side? Let yourself feel those emotions as if your One is already here. Let that love and energy get projected outwards to help attract your great love.

Believe me, I know waiting can be hard.

You maybe the oldest of all your friends and they’ve gotten married before you and are now having children.You may feel completely discouraged at times, being the only single person.

But every day, remind yourself that your path is different from theirs, that your timing is different from theirs, and that your other half is coming.

Believe in the process, it will be worth every moment.

You don’t have to put pressure on yourself in finding your One. Trust in the timing.

In the meantime, take in all the beautiful things around you. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. Do the things that you enjoy. When you carry this joy inside of you, the whole world can see it.


And so will your One.


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