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3rd HOD Offline Event: Santa Clara, CA – Dec 18th, 2011

It’s been a while, and we’ve missed you. After the success of our first two Offline Single’s Events in Orange County and Long Beach where 28 participants matched up, we are bringing you the first Offline event to Northern California. Inshallah this time we will be running the event in Santa Clara on the 18th of December 2011.

In the short time HOD has been running, nearly 200 couples have been married via its services. The small role Allah (swt) has allowed us to play in Muslim’s lives means a lot to us, Al Hamdulillah. Hearing members tell us “I found my other half on HOD” is absolutely priceless and makes our efforts all worth while.

Some of you may have participated and are part of the 100% of attendees that said they would recommend Offline to others. For those who haven’t, Half Our Deen Offline has taken a completely new approach to this process. HOD has designed their Muslim Matchmaking events differently and is always striving to improve. The typical matchmaking event held by other organizations is limited to the “halal speed dating” method, where you only speak to each person for a few minutes, and that’s not enough time to decide if their a candidate for marriage. Half Our Deen uses unique activities where you can learn about the different people at the event in a fun and natural way. More importantly, each person at the event is required to have a profile on Half Our Deen which allows each to learn more about them and specifically what their looking for in a spouse. And by having a profile online, there are no missed connections as anyone at the event can contact each other easily without having to give out personal phone numbers or email. Alhamdulillah Half Our Deen Offline has worked for many and we hope this event will work for you too.

HOD Offline from Baba Ali on Vimeo.

Listen to what attendees had to say from our last event in Long Beach:

  • I have been to 2 mixers (aside from HOD’s) intended to introduce the singles to one another, and neither was as organized as this event one was close
  •  Im really looking forward to the next one
  •  The event was highly organized.
  •  I liked the fact that we could all come together with clear topic goal that we are there to get married.
  •  I like the filtering process, and multiple opportunities to interact.
  •  Being able to sit with people that have similar interests and beliefs.

Seating is limited to 30 men & 30 women and by invitation only. Fill out the survey by clicking here and if there is a match for you, you’ll get an invite to the Private location.

We look forward to helping you find your other half!

See you at the event!

Happy Birthday Half Our Deen!

On July 18th, 2011 we celebrated our first birthday. One year later, we have over 1600 members spread across 47 countries, Alhamdullilah. Our website has been blessed with 706,347 Visitors and 6,133,176 Page views Mashallah!  And the best part of it all, is the flow of over 150 matches made on HOD. The little part that Allah (swt) has given us the privilege to play in people’s lives, means a lot to us Alhamdullilah. Hearing a member tell us “because of you I found the love of my life” is absolutely priceless.

What about all the other members who didn’t find their other half? What is written for us by Allah swt, is something we cannot measure. What someone might find in a week might take another 6 months or a year to find. We’ve gotten many members try the site and give up their search after 1 month, 2 months or 6 months. There are others who feel they can’t find the perfect potential, like Neo (from the Matrix) and there is an illusion that once found they’ll live happily ever after.

Unfortunately when considering a potential spouse we measure them to this ideal formulated from fictional characters. Often these dreams we project can be blinding to our judgment of compatibility with this potential. By the time we see the light of who this person really is, we might already be approaching a divorce. It’s important to look in the mirror and realize that we ourselves are not perfect. While some do find that ideal match sooner than later, others may not, which is alright. This shouldn’t put you down or be discouraging. Rather, it should better put things into perspective for us. It really means that ALLAH swt has someone better for you. Believing in that is half the battle and the other half is comprised of patience, prayers and being grateful.

We need to practice patience and understand that there is a time for all of us and this is only in the hands of Allah. its Ramadan and we can use this month to make lots of dua’a and pray for guidance. Always remember Allah swt chooses what is best for us, even if we’re too finite to see the infinite wisdom in His Divine Decree.

The good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel! HOD is launching many new features, based on member feedback and requests, by October Inshallah. Our new features will include:

Email match preferences:  Our new email match alert  will give you the ability to set your personalized email match preferences to receive matches via email. Its LIVE now!

– New Settings Page:  Our new settings page will be more user friendly and organized giving you a wider array of options. Log in and take a look around!

– PayPal: The world’s most safest way to pay, will be joining our payment screen soon for those who feel more comfortable paying through it.

– New Edit Profile: more fun information to tell your potential matches about yourself. A much more user friendly and organized layout as well. All in all, FUN!

– Muslim Personality Test: what the buzz has been about at all the conventions we attend, is the Muslim Personality test. With a 97% accuracy rating thus far, we plan to introduce MP to HOD members in the upcoming months, InshAllah. Another way to find out more about your match.

Our goal is to give all our members the most effective tools to find your other half. We haven’t stopped working since we launched and won’t stop. All this won’t cost you a cent more. =)

Join us in making dua’a that as we embark onto our 2nd year, there is more hasanat (good) in HOD so we can see the fruits of our efforts in the hereafter InshAllah, Ameen

Jazakhallah Khairun for all your patience and support

RIS, Offline again and ISNA – A recap

In case you missed HOD at our last 3 events, here is a quick summary:

May 28-29th Baba Ali and the HOD crew introduced Muslim Personality at the RIS conference in Long Beach, California. Al Hamdulillah we had the busiest booth at the conference, and gave hundreds of Muslim Personality results. Check out the pictures on our Facebook fan page.

May 29th HOD conducted its 2nd Offline event for Single Muslims. With nearly 80 attendees, this event was just walking distance from RIS. This allowed us to unite singles from all over North America for the first time. Nearly 20 mutual matches were made, topping the first HOD Offline. We had a special guest Imam in attendance who gave some encouraging words to the attendees. Great feedback from this Offline, we hope to make the next few after Ramadan even better each time InshaAllah.

July 2-3 Muslim Personality hits a larger audience at the annual ISNA Convention. Baba Ali gets personality results from many famous Muslims, including the NFL’s Abdullah Brothers. Muslim Personality tests reached hundreds and closed with an in depth look of the motivation behind the project. Baba Ali gave a workshop to over 200 attendees on the benefits of learning about each others’ personalities and how it can help our relationships and communities. The workshop was a definite change from what fans expected of an on stage performance. By the end, the cameras recorded a packed room all celebrating the effort and cheering for another Baba Ali workshop next year!

The Next HOD Offline Event: Long Beach, CA – May 29th, 2011 (@RIS)

We are having our 2nd Half Our Deen OFFLINE event, on May 29th in Long Beach, CA. This time the event will be just walking distance from the local RIS (Reviving the Islamic Spirit) conference the same weekend. If you are attending RIS, this is your chance! We had at least 10 mutual matches out of the 44 that attended our last event and hope to double it this time with your help! We would like to invite you to be a part of the 100% of attendees that said they would recommend Offline to others.

We have spent a lot of time in planning our events to ensure the best possible success. Below is some of the positive feedback we received from our first guests to show this:

Hear what attendees had to say:

“The chance to interact with potential candidates at a HUMAN level”

• “It was very well organized. I liked the table groupings. The people at my table were very easy to get along with. The activities were well thought out, and executed very well”

• “Interactive and comfortable. Right amount of times for each activity.”

• “I really appreciated how much work you all put into keeping everything so organized and sorting everyone out according to preferences and religious compatibility. That kind of extra care really made me feel like you guys truly care about all of us finding our partners.”

Ultimately brothers & sisters, success comes from Allah SWT, and all we can do is try. We’ve already been endorsed by 3 Mosques in California and that list is growing.

Spots are already being filled so don’t procrastinate. We have had 65 registrations so far! If you know you can’t make it, please tell the single brothers & sisters you know who are searching for that other half and get in on the reward.

Go to to register, InshAllah.

We look forward to helping you find your other half!

Friendly URLs are here =)

Yes, yet another fun feature release by HOD to make your experience at Half Our Deen fun and valuable InshAllah. The Friendly URL feature allows you to create your very own personalized HOD URL –

We recommend you use your real names when creating your friendly URL. Its understandable for privacy reasons that you would like your surname to be excluded, but your first name would definitely help. This isn’t a friendship or social networking site, but a matchmaking site for single Muslims who are serious about marriage. We are also the most private marriage site out there.  A name is definitely important in identifying as well as relating to someone on a more personal level during the marriage process. Yes, Muslimah4LIFE786, sounds cool and you will remain a Muslimah for life, don’ worry about that :). But a first name would definitely do good in having other members relate to you when sending you messages, visiting your profile and answering your questions. Its the personal touch that counts.

To set your new Friendly URL, visit the Settings page under My Account.  Remember you only get one chance to create your friendly URL so think it over before you do. Once you do it, there is no going back.  This will create some consistency and help other interested members find you easily, InshAllah. Tell us what you think.

Baba Ali on One Legacy Radio

Recently I was invited to do an interview on One Legacy Radio (OLR), a southern California Muslim radio station. They have an excellent program there and are increasing in listeners everyday. You can catch them online or by downloading the appropriate Apps for your mobile device. The interview went well MashAllah and OLR has decided to endorse Half Our Deen and help more Muslims locally and globally get married.

You can catch the interview on the OLR website. Share it with your friends and family.


The New Match Preferences (BETA)


You suggested, we listened and now the results are here. The most requested feature by our members was a better and more efficient way of searching for their matches based on criteria our members specify. The New Match Preferences module is now LIVE!


– 14 match filters to search by. All filters are also part of your Edit Profile page. Please make   sure all fields are completed on your edit profile page.
– A smooth navigation for usability and quick searches.
– Save and name up to 3 customized searches.
– Basic search is filtered by Age and Location only.
– Advanced search drop down, displays the remaining 12 filters that can be searched by.

Up and Coming:

– New Settings page
– New Edit Profile page
– Privacy Photos

We believe in giving you more for your money. This is your money at work and InsAhallah we will continue putting it to use and always come up with better and more efficient ways of helping you find your match. With more and more successful matches taking place every week at Half Our Deen, this only motivates us to do more.  Other Muslim matrimony sites use this as a reason to say, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”.  The motivation behind HOD was to sincerely help single Muslims find their other half and keep them together.

Times change, people change, and with that we at Half Our Deen will continue to keep up with the changing tides to bring more to our members, InshAllah. The only thing that we will never change is our price. It will always be just, $5 a month annually or $9 month to month.

For more updates and a timeline, check out our What’s New page. We are still in BETA mode and will be fine tuning it as we see it perform in a LIVE environment.

– You can access the match preferences by clicking, My Matches or by clicking View more under Your Possible Matches.
– Some of the fields that are required to fill out under Edit Profile will not show on your actual profile until we implement the new “Edit Profile” page. For fields such as Income and Body type you will be given the option of hiding it.  Currently the only details that will be visible to members are: Age, Sex, Height, Born in, Grew up in, Last login and Located

Improved Compatibility Tests

One of the key features that makes Half Our Deen such a unique Muslim Matrimonial site, is our Compatibility Tests. Recently we brought in the help of Sister Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine, author of, “Before the Wedding: Questions for Muslims to Ask Before Getting Married”,  to helps us further improve our compatibility questions on Half Our Deen. Munira received her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling at California State University, Fullerton and is also currently co-hosting an Internet radio show, Family Connection, on One Legacy Radio.  With her assistance, we have updated and improved our compatibility questions on Half Our Deen.

Changes Made:

The Personality Test has been renamed to, The Character Test. A few of the questions and answers have been reworded for clarity and accuracy as well.
The Character Test (old) has been removed and replaced by a new test, “Would you marry?”.  This test will help further identify what type of person you are looking for.

What can you do?

– Take the new, Would you Marry?, test.
– Review your answers to the other 3 tests: Character, Religious Views and Family.
– Review your new Matches, as match percentages with other members may have changed.

In order to maintain accurate compatibility percentages, it is important that you review your answers for all 4 tests to make sure they are accurate. Please do so as soon as you can. This may or may not affect your current match percentages with other members.  For this reason, we really do urge you to look over all your answers and make sure they are up to date, InshAllah.

We are constantly thinking of better ways to help you find your match and will introduce updates to existing features periodically.  This would also be a good time to take the tests you have not taken, which will help you match with other members in all 4 categories.

Help us, help you.


Half Our Deen OFFLINE! 03.26.11 OC, CA.

Have you ever been to a “Halal” speed dating event?  In the past, Mosques or Muslim organizations would hold “Single Muslim Events” where single Muslims would show up with the hopes of finding someone suitable to marry.  The event would be basically a game of musical chairs, where each man would speak to each woman for a few minutes.  They basically took the idea of “speed dating” and tried to apply the structure to Muslims, but there is a reason why it doesn’t work for Muslims.  Speed dating is made for dating, where people need just surface level information about each other since the relationship is temporary.  Muslims are here to get married, not date, and being that their looking for life-long partners, they need more than 3 minutes to figure out if this person is “the one”. Seriously!

The copy & pasting of the “dating” structure is nothing new.  Most Muslim Matrimonial sites online borrow the structure of dating sites..  They ask you very basic questions like “what’s your eye color?”, or “what’s your hair color?”.  If you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, you need to know more than just that.  You need to know about their values, morals, ethics, how they practice their Deen, how family oriented they are etc…That is why with, we started over and decided to develop our site completely different than the other sites.

Ever since the success of, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me to do an Offline event because they want to meet people in the local area.  I told myself that if I was going to hold a Half Our Deen Offline event, it would have to be COMPLETELY different than all the past Single Events done by other Muslim organizations.  Similar to Half Our Deen online, the Offline version would have to be unique and take a COMPLETELY unique and innovative approach to a single Muslims event.
I have since developed a new way to hold such events and I hope to raise the bar once again, InshAllah.  The first ever Half Our Deen Offline event will be on March 26th, 2011,  in Orange County, CA.   If you’re interested, please visit for more information. Seating is limited and registrants are filtered for compatibility purposes. Find out more on

JazakAllah Khair and hope to see at the event, InshAllah

The New Messaging Module (BETA)

The success of Half Our Deen as a site for single Muslims is apparent in the flow of emails we get from members who have found their other half. This motivates us to work harder on constantly improving the site.  HOD does not run on a volunteer staff like many organizations, but rather pays its entire staff.  Although new features and modules are continuously being added to HOD, it has not been done so at the expense of the members.  No matter how many features we implement, the cost of HOD will always remain the same. InshAllah.

A little while ago, we sent out a survey asking our members which features you would like to see improve on HOD first.  After reading your feedback, we assigned two of our top software engineers to re-develop the Messaging Module and program the Matching Preferences Module.  After nearly 80 hrs of development, we are happy to announce that our New Messaging System (Beta) is here.  It is a great improvement from our initial messaging system Alhamdulillah. We have added timestamps and reply correspondence to each message. The ability to view your messages in a conversation format, much like Gmail and Facebook, has made it very functional and easy to use.

Our “Matching Preferences” module is almost complete and is currently being tested. We hope to announce the completion of that project very shortly InshAllah.  We will continue working on adding new features and developing new modules so we can raise the bar of what a Muslim Matrimonial site should offer. InshAllah.