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Another Inspirational Half Our Deen Success Story

MashAllah a very inspirational story of a sister on Half Our Deen who found her other half a year after joining the site. Please be patient, and make dua. We have to put in the effort and leave the rest up to ALLAH!

“up00lam, I have a success story to share too. However I would rather use initials i.e. I would like my husband & my name to not be published. I was a member of HOD from Feb 2011. Exchanged a few messages in the site with a couple of brothers but none was the type of Muslim husband material I was looking for. In June 2011 I did Umra and asked Allah to grant me a rightful Muslim man for a husband. Months passed and Ramadan came in August. Still, there was no progress in my HOD account. And then… 2 weeks after Ramadan, I got a “Found You Interesting” click from a brother from America. I looked through his profile and I found him quite interesting too so I decided to answer his questions that he had included in his profile. Not to long after, he replied to thank me for answering his questions and that he would like to know me for marriage whether we are suitable. However, he told me that this would have to wait till after Eid as he was in Makkah for Umra. So weeks passed and on the 2nd day of Eid I replied to his message. Soon we found ourselves to be suitable and wirhin that week we prayed our istikharas. In early October 2011 he came to my country, Singapore, to meet my family and me. 6 days after we met, we had our nikah done in Singapore, alhamdulillahi Rabb al alameen!

with my parents blessings, of course. We’ve been married for almost 7 months now and subhanaAllah life has been very interesting as we didnt date before marriage, alhamdulillah, and get to know each other only during our marriage now. May Allah put barakah, love and mercy to all married couples. I can never thank Baba Ali enough for his iniative in setting up such a wonderful matrimonial website like HOD. Jazakum Allah kheir jaza’

Know each other only after marriage. I can never thankBaba Ali enough for hisiniative on setting up HOD. Jazakum Allah kheir jaza’

We have been getting so many success stories, we have built a page for it. Look for our new success stories page coming soon, InshAllah.


Muslim Marriage site gets New Server

A new Server is coming to Half Our Deen. YAY!!!

What does this mean? Well, more definitely means better. Better for you! With more and more members joining Half Our Deen by the day and approaching the 1000 member mark, we are being proactive and taking the proper measures to add new servers to our back end to facilitate a more efficient user experience.

Here is the 411 on that:

For you silly =)
A new shiny server.
For those familiar with the technical aspect of servers, here are the specs:
Processor: 2 x Intel® Xeon® Quad Core Processors – E5530
(8M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI)
RAM: 4 GB DDR3-1333 Registered ECC
Hard Drive: 250 GB SATA2
In layman’s terms, very fast!
In a Lucky server room somewhere.
We are hoping to have your new server up and running within the next week or so. It has been ordered. We will keep you updated InshAllah.
The matching service is one of our main features and uses up most of the current server’s resources. Most sites have everything on 1 server which causes issues with load balancing, not to mention if that server went down, the whole site would go down with it. The new server will facilitate a faster and improved matching service. It will also balance the resources between our front end, data base and our application layer. If the matching service were to ever go down, this would not affect the main site since it is stored on its own server. In summary, a good move. Alhamdulillah!

With every new business small issues and problems do occur. Forgive us for any shortcomings experienced, but it is a learning process for us all With a great technical team behind HOD, we are working hard to implement new functional and fun features for you. Our goal is to give you an amazing and unique service at a ridiculously inexpensive price! $5-$9 a month. A fraction of what other Muslim Matrimonial sites charge single Muslims these days. If you have a feature in mind, let us know below with your comments.