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New Video: What will the people say?


It’s amazing how we focus more on pleasing the people rather than pleasing our Creator so I decided to make a video about this very subject. If my idea works, the the phase of “what will the people say?” will become so ANNOYING that it will be stuck in our heads, so the next time we hear it, we will remember the message behind this video, InshAllah. The reality is that I can’t change the world overnight but my hope it to make a positive difference within the Muslim Ummah….one video at a time – Baba Ali

What will the people say? – Baba Ali from Baba Ali on Vimeo.

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Welcome to Half Our Deen’s first blog post


Half Our Deen is always a work in progress so we hope to use the blog to open the doors of communication with our members.   We will not be advertising on this blog nor will this blog be used to spam any of our members but rather we hope to use this blog as a way to hear the voices of our members so we can help to continuously improve our site InshAllah.

JazakAllahKhair for supporting Half Our Deen.


Ali Ardekani (Baba Ali)

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