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Half Our Deen Offline Events Coming to a City Near You!


Here at Half Our Deen it is our goal to change the face of Muslim matchmaking both on and offline. We take a look at how things are normally done then come up with a way that makes it more efficient, private, and successful, with help of Allah (swt). Alhamdulilah, our past 4 offline events have been a great success and we are getting ready to launch a few more in the coming months. But before we get to that what is a Half Our Deen offline event?

A typical Muslim matchmaking get together is set up in the same was as speed dating. You speak to a person for 5 minutes, ask as many questions as you can, and then debate whether to give them your contact information or not. By the end of the night you might have a list of names and numbers of people you really don’t know much about. Not only that, the only way you can find out more about them is to get in touch with each and every one of them.

Half Our Deen offline turns these awkward matchmaking events into one that brings results, and here is how:

1- We keep our events private. Only people who have registered and paid are told the location of the event. You will have no drop ins or uninvited guests.

2- Everyone who registers is required to fill out a survey about themselves. This survey helps us place you with potential matches that are compatible.

3- One of the first activities we do at the event is a personality test. Everyone will get a sticker that shows what type they are to go on their name tag. This way you can learn about them without having to even say a word. There will also be more activities throughout the night to get to know each other better.

4- Everyone at the event is required to have a Half Our Deen offline profile. That way no personal information needs to be exchanged. If you find someone interesting simply jot down their profile and check it out when you get home. If you decide you don’t like them after all simply click the “I’d rather fast” button and you won’t have to hear from them again. However, if you are still interested you can take the next steps, answer their questions, ask them to answer yours, and see where it goes!

By the grace of Allah (swt), these factors have helped us bring together 1 marriage and 36 matches in our last 4 events. Add to that the over 320 matches made online in the past two years and it is no wonder why Half Our Deen is one of the top Muslim matchmaking sites.

InshaAllah over the coming months we plan on holding offline events in 5 cities:

  • Santa Clara, California – September 29 2012. Sign up here 
  • Southern California – November 2012 (Exact City/Date TBD). Sign up here 
  • Toronto, Canada – December 2012 (TBD). Sign up here 
  • New York City – February 2013. Sign up here 
  • London, England – TBD. Sign up here 

Spots will be limited so make sure to grab yours before they are gone. If you want to learn more about our offline events and what makes them unique be sure to check out this video:

Taking Half Our Deen Further

One of the most important things I have learned, while I continue to build this Muslim matchmaking site is, you can’t grow too quickly. I know what you are thinking, the more the merrier right? This is still true, but I prefer a more steady flow of new members as pertaining to just,“Blowing up”. The main reason behind that is when you grow too fast, you lose the connection with your members. I want to be closely knitted with my members and their concerns. Being able to give a generous amount of attention to all members new and old, helps me build a relationship with them. Just yesterday, one of our customer service agents reported that another match was made on Half Our Deen.  This completely made my day and put a huge smile on my face. People ask me if I get excited like this for every match that is made on HOD? My answer, “Yes, very much so”. The little part that Allah swt has given me the privilege to play in people’s lives, means a lot to me and is a very big deal, Alhamdulillah.

Even though we have new members signing up daily and in return getting back many success stories, Alhamdulillah, our goal is to find new and creative ways of improving HOD and not just saying “its good enough”.  Recently, we sent out a survey to our members asking what we can do better.  Many of you responded with some great suggestions and feedback.  We’re excited to announce that we have already started the process of making enhancements to Half Our Deen based on your feedback.

The Poll results show that the majority of members are exclusively on Half Our Deen.  It also mentioned that the #1 reason, why they chose Half Our Deen over all the other sites, was because its Private.

Here is whats cooking at the HOD labs (based off poll results).
Matching Preferences: Members will be able to specify certain criteria to filter their matches.
New and Improved messaging system:  An improvement of our existing messaging between members.

We plan to have both enhancements finished in January InshAllah. We have improved on the loading times of all pages, fixed the test saving issue, added polls and even added a new server.  Our goal, InshAllah, is to exceed your expectations of what a matchmaking site offers and produce results. Success is only from Allah, all we have to do is put in the effort, and we are.

Help us, help you!

As-salam-alaikum Everyone,

We have put together a survey because your concerns are very important to us and we want to continue making HOD the best Muslim Matchmaking site out there. We sent it out to 1100 of our members and Alhamdulillah we have received 10% in responses so far. If you haven’t got a chance to take the quick 2 minute survey, please do so. This is a great opportunity to tell us how we are doing and how we can continue to better serve you. For those of you who did send us their feedback, JAZAKALLAHKHAIR.

– We recently released the Polls page. You can now view the results of the opposite gender on a multitude of topics.
– Our next feature to be released soon, InshAllah, is an improved messaging system. We will keep you posted on its progress.

Survey Link: http://polldaddy.com/s/9BF4FD4113A898DA